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Wear-Resistant Non Stick Coating Corilon Wear Resistant Coatings
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  • Price of Origin:China
  • Certificatin:FDA,LFGB,ROHS
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Product Description

 1.Fluoroesin water based Non-stick Coating:

Corilon SL-W/M series:  water based fluorocarbon coatings, it uses a combination of PTFE resin mixed with super-heat-resistant resin. It has excellent adhesion strength, good hiding power, age resistance and weathering resistance when used on aluminum, stainless steel, and ordinary steel. One-step finishing operation.

Other informations

A,Before use,roll or shake the container and strain the mixture with at least a 150mesh stainless steel filter.

B,The storage period(10-25 Centi-degree) of once a week to roll 120rpm at least than 2 hour /time and period of quality protection is six months.

C,The sintered coating can survive long-term use at temperatures up to 260 centi-degree, but use at higher temperatures is not recommended.

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