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Teflon Non Stick Coatings
Dec 24,2013

Teflon non stick coatings, including DuPont PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) can be excellent means for creating release.

Besides PTFE dispersion, consider too, PFA, MFA, and FEP. All have exceptional non-wetting properties, a quantifiable characteristic used to assess non stick performance. Is it the oleophobic (fats, oil rejecting) trait or hydrophobic (water repelling) properties you desire most?

Environmental constraints such as temperature, sticking product, and abrasion, may very well shape your fluoropolymer selection of Teflon non stick coatings. Generally speaking, failure to release relates to properties of the sticking compound. That is, its cohesive forces are weaker than their adhesive force to the non stick surface.

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But sticking can also be the result of permeation. So be sure you understand the mechanism of sticking before you choose your next Teflon non stick coatings. Many products release well for the short-term. But it is long-term performance you are after, isn

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