Anodizing Non Stick Coatings

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Anodizing Non Stick Coatings
Dec 19,2013

Hard anodize is a popular process for increasing aluminum wear resistance. Surface hardness in the 60s Rockwell C is possible. Did you know coating properties before final formation are much like our favorite TV cartoon character? Here's how.

Anodize coatings have a definite cellular structure. For illustration purposes, imagine individual cells with hollowed centers extending inward, by the millions per square inch. This makes for excellent absorptive, sponge-like properties for tribological applications.

Did you also know these finishes can be modified as anodizing non stick coatings?

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Teflon (PTFE), waxes, oils and other compounds can be integrated for lower surface energy, release (nonstick). And because these compounds can penetrate the ceramic (depending on processing methods) their contributing surface growth is oftentimes negligible. For best results, be sure your service provider understands your requirements.

Depending on cohesive and adhesive characteristics of the sticking compound, hard coat surface finish may play an important role with release. Most product designers will start by polishing to improve the surface finish. In many cases though, release performance may be improved with surface finish

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