Heat Resistant Coating & Thermal Barrier Coating For Automotive Parts

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Heat Resistant Coating & Thermal Barrier Coating For Automotive Parts
Jan 12,2014

Abrasion & wear resistant coating used for movement caused by flexing of hot and cold metal.
thermal barrier coatings
Engine coated in extreme heat resistance coating
Thermal barrier coatings have become essential for complying with Tier 3 and now Tier 4 EPA regulations. There are major issues caused by the ever increasing temperatures generated by efficient diesel engines. By utilizing a heat resistant coating on engine components, you can increase engine performance and lengthen the life of critical electrical and mechanical components.

Typical applications for thermal barrier coatings include:
Intake manifolds
Exhaust manifolds
Exhaust gaskets
Electrical components that are affected by high temperatures

Our customers' products have experienced successful test results with the application of heat resistant coating products that provide thermal protective barriers. In one case, a customer had an exhaust system with slip-fit components that would weld together over time as temperatures were increased. In this situation, there would be inevitable failure of the exhaust components, making servicing more difficult. Our application of a thermal barrier coating solved the problem. By spreading the heat that was causing the exhaust system to weld together, the heat resistant coating led to better system performance, increased safety, and simple servicing if ever repair was needed.

In another case, an application of our thermal barrier coating solved an issue where high radiating temperatures from diesel engines caused electronic components under the hood to fail or perform unpredictably. After the heat resistant coating was applied, there was a noticeable improvement in engine performance. The sensitive equipment under the hood was more reliable, making it possible for the diesel manufacturer to save money and resources.

Due to our ample experience with thermal barrier coatings and the automotive industry in general, we can develop coating solutions to address just about any performance issue that may arise in relation to temperature. If you are noticing performance issues with your automotive parts as a result of extreme temperatures, our engineering team can run high temperature test trials on your parts to determine the optimal heat resistant coating.

Our business philosophy is to provide products that we believe in and to invite you to give us a try. This simple and direct approach has earned us the trust and business of three major diesel engine manufacturers. We would like to add your company to this prestigious group and help your product become "best in class

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