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Non Stick Coating
Dec 28,2013

Product sticking? Not getting the release you need?

Non stick coatings are not created equal. Properties vary. So does performance when you consider temperature and abrasion, the chemical and physical properties of your sticky product, too.

So, check out our pages. Talk to our sponsors. And eliminate sticking from your workplace for good!

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We define sticking as molecules of a substance having a stronger attraction to a surface than to each other. Conversely, release (non stick) occurs if molecules within a substance have greater attraction for each other than the surface.

Non stick is not the same as lubrication. Though it does relate to how a surface "wets".

Wetting is the ability of a liquid to spread across a surface.

Hydrophilic (water-attracting) surfaces are wet easily. Hydrophobic (water-repelling) surfaces are not wet easily.

The more hydrophobic coating, the better the release (non stick).

To choose a non stick coating right for you, consider its wetting characteristics. Don't ignore your environment. Heat. Chemical Corrosives. Abrasion. All can play a role in shaping coating life.

Want to make a better product? or make your product faster, more reliably, with less scrap? We share your performance goal to find the right non stick coatings.

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