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Ceramic Non Stick Coating Single-Layer Ceramic Coatings Suppliers
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  • Price of Origin:China
  • Certificatin:FDA,LFGB, REACH,ROHS
  • Trade Terms:FOB, CFR, EXW, CIF
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Product Description

The Ceramic coating belongs to non-stick coatings of the Ceramic based type disposable coaitng of the corilonsyw

company developed with the very excellent adherence, the good heat resistance, the boiling water resistance, and the
remarkalbe inadhesion functions. This products widely applied for the inadhesion requirement such as Sandwich

comal, Barbecue, Cooking utensils, Toaster, Cake dishware, Household electrical appliances, and so forth.

 Basic Information:

1.Product series:

2. Product system:
one-layer Oil ceramic non-stick coating

3. Typical properties:
Superior anti-corrosion property;
Safe and environment-friendly;
Fine non-stick performance ,easy to clean.

 4. Application field:
Apply to various cookwares and grill apparatus made of aluminum and alloy;
Apply to kinds of kitchen and household appliances.

Coatings Physical Property

                thermophysical parameter

                Reference  standard

                       Solid Content (%)


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