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Rice cooker teflon non stick coating
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Product Description

Corilon 9906 series:  solvent based fluorocarbon coatings, it uses a combination of PTFE resin mixed with
super heat resistant resin. It has excellent adhesion strength, good hiding power, age resistance and 
weathering resistance
 when used on aluminum, stainless steel, and ordinary steelOne-step finishing 

Typical Applications: High quality coffee pot, bakeware, frying pan, woks, and other cookware.

Specifications and Properties:

Colors Available:  silver dots on black background, black, gray and metallic color 

Solid Content %:2830)±2

Cure Temperature Range (380-400)

Cure time: 10minutes

Theoretical Coverage: 6.5±0.2/KG 12μ15μ

The sintered coating can survive long-term use at temperatures up to 260, but use at higher temperatures is not recommended.

Solvent based coating with good heat-resistance, bending-resistance , and also has good hiding power. You can
choose conventional spray or static spray.

Specifications and Properties:
Colors Available: Black, gray,etc ;
Solid Content%:(45~50)±0.2
Cure Temperature: 280oC
Cure time: 10minutes
Theoretical Coverage: 8.0±0.2 m2/ kg 15μ~20μ

Colors, customed and high standard welcomed.

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